• Creme Brulee
  • Daiquiri cocktail
  • Frikadeller

Brewing Longhouse

About us

Friends and neighbors for over 20 years, our story started when Brad brought over a couple of six-packs of Chris' favorite Bourbon Barrel Aged Tavern Ale one Saturday afternoon on a beautiful sunny summer day. They quickly made sure the beer didn't get warm and soon had to find another beverage to stay hydrated, bourbon seemed like a logical choice so Chris went to get some ice and a bottle of Basil Hayden. Ribeye's and potatoes went on the grill and by the time Jenni and Lynn joined at 10 o'clock the steaks were gone and a second bottle of Basil Hayden had been opened. By 2 am all the bourbon and a few bottles of wine gone, we had solved all the world’s problems and Brad had suggested we started a brewery together. As they say, nothing exciting ever starts with a glass of milk and a salad!